College Athletes for Respect and Equality (CARE)

CARE (College Athletes for Respect and Equality) is a social justice initiative launched by Davidson College basketball player Kellan Grady in conjunction with the Maimonides Institute for Medicine Ethics & The Holocaust, now the Ferencz Institute for Ethics, Human Rights and the Holocaust, as part of our Generations of Change Initiative.

We first met Kellan in the summer of 2018, when MIMEH organized a trip to Auschwitz with Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor. During that trip, we had the opportunity to witness firsthand Kellan's commitment to the importance of respecting the basic human dignity of all individuals regardless of their race, religion, or background and ensuring that our differences do not divide us, but rather unite us.

Since that time, Kellan has continued to use his platform as a college athlete to fight for causes that matter to him and to try and make the world a better place. We have collaborated with Kellan on numerous occasions since then. We are proud to launch the CARE Initiative alongside him with the goal of responding to current events in society that threaten the core ideals we discussed when we first met: equality, justice, tolerance, and dignity for all.

A red and white logo for the college athletes for respect & equality.
Three women sitting at a table with plates of food.
Eva Mozes Kor, MIMEH's Founding Director
Stacy Gallin, Kellan Grady

Click below to watch Kellan Grady and
Dr. Stacy Gallin discuss the CARE program.


The mission of the CARE Initiative is to raise awareness about systemic racial injustice to create change and promote human dignity and equality by educating and empowering the next generation.

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Foster Solidarity and Unity

Download the CARE logo and share it on social media with the hashtag #CARETOCHANGE.

Develop Athlete-Activists Engaged in Community Outreach

Accept Kellan's challenge. Join the Davidson College men's basketball team in committing to visit 3-5 elementary, middle, or high schools to read and talk to students about racial injustice and the promotion of human dignity. The Ferencz Institute will provide an age-appropriate reading list and curriculum, as well as interactive support for athletes during every step of this journey. Help us build CARE Leadership Academies that can serve as a one-day retreat for college athletes in various geographic locations to come together and learn how to harness their platform to become active agents of social change on their campuses and within their communities.

Implement Policy Change

Our ultimate goal is to gain enough visibility to be able to affect change at the policy level by attracting the attention of colleges and universities, the NCAA, and professional sports players and associations. We will also help to identify and empower athlete-activists who will work with the Ferencz Institute's international network of human rights activists to implement policy change on a global level.


A man in white and red basketball uniform holding a ball.

Kellan Grady

CARE Founder, Davidson College '21
A woman in black jacket and white shirt smiling.

Dr. Stacy Gallin

CARE Director
A woman in a pink sweater smiling for the camera.

Dr. Amanda Caleb

Educational Consultant
A woman with red lipstick and a black jacket

Dr. Skyller Walkes

Educational Consultant
A woman with long hair and wearing black is smiling.

Carly Ellman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
A woman in green shirt and black jacket.

Alice Jackson-Jolley

Public Engagement Consultant
A woman with curly hair standing in front of a brick building.

Makayla Binter


Robin Hammer

Design Consultant

Josh Walker

Student Intern

CARE Ambassadors

A man standing in front of some buildings.

Zachary Twitchell

Union College Baseball Player, 2014-2018
A man in suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Rusty Reigel

Davidson College Basketball Player, 2014-2018

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